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What to Drink with Classic Chili

What to Drink with Classic Chili

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These two drink options pair perfectly with a hearty, bean-filled chili.


A deep, juicy red with an earthy edge makes a great companion for a zesty-sweet bowl of chili.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Consider a tempranillo from Spain's Rioja region. Well priced and approachable, these round, robust reds merge a solid core of berry fruit, which plays to the chili's tomato-pepper sweetness, with overtones of exotic spice to complement seasonings like earthy cumin and smoky chili powder.

Matchups: El Coto, Crianza, 2009 ($9) or Bodegas LAN, Crianza, 2009 ($10)


A smooth and creamy brew with flavors of coffee and toasted grain is a terrific match for a spicy chili.

Try a classic dry stout or porter. These inky beers are in fact very food-friendly—roasted malt and caramel notes embrace the nutty beans and browned beef while a cool, creamy texture soothes aggressive chile heat.

Matchups: Deschutes, Black Butte Porter, Oregon ($9/6-pack) or Murphy's Irish Stout, Ireland ($9/4-pack)

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